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“Deep within the human mind, lies two contrasting forces; Fear and the Faith of a Warrior”.  Justina Samuel-iwok.

To a considerable large extent, fear dominates the mind of a man. It is said that fear is a monster that feeds off itself. When you keep the said monster in the closet of your heart and mind, it will keep growing bigger and bigger. 

Fear will keep stealing your joy, dreams and happiness if you choose to allow it.  Fear is the biggest adversary to human growth.

Aside, hindering us from moving forward, creating barriers, blocking us from developing our full potentials and impeding us from attaining our goals, the fundamental disadvantage of fear is that it prevents us from awakening the warrior within us through faith.

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The question now is, “How do you confront fear?”

I believe the best way to confront fear is to recognise it, expose ourselves to it, get comfortable with it, feel it and live through it.

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Start by confronting your fears, which is the illusion that contends with you from awakening the warrior within. Failure to confront your fears will make you nurture it, thus allowing it to grow until it consumes you.

Confronting your fears will require a deliberate process, willingness to push forward no matter what and a firm positive believe. To confront our fears, it is essential we acknowledge and validate the fear we feel.

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The mind harbours an incredibly powerful warrior.

According to the renowned Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, the Warrior is a universal archetype that is a fundamental part of the human psyche. 

Warriors are strong, determined, dauntless, confident, powerful, courageous, focused and disciplined. These traits of a warrior can be used to champion a cause or a goal, transform your dreams into reality and make the world a better place for all.


Everybody has the warrior spirit within and it is our responsibility to awaken this warrior within us by confronting and dissolving fear.

To awaken this warrior; know deep down within your consciousness that there is a warrior within you waiting to be activated; make a leap of faith and continuously fill your heart and your mind with positive energies, wisdom and enlightenment.

The warrior recognizes that the real war is within and is ready to take up arms and protect what is yours; get things done; defend your financial, physical, mental and emotional territories; turn your dreams into reality; protect and maximize your time and fight for what you believe in.

As Machowicz explains, “Being a warrior is not about the act of fighting. It’s about the ability, courage, and a commitment to end the war within oneself and not quit until the job is done.”

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We can break through the challenges and fears lying in front of us the moment the warrior within us is operational. The warrior within us is ever ready to be activated into action towards our dreams and aspirations.

There are victories to be won. We surely can become victorious in all our endeavours.

In other to achieve your goals, it is crucial to unleash the warrior within you by making more creative decisions, practising setting boundaries and protecting them, reinforcing your willpower, by enhancing your focus while staying aplomb.

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The choices we make today create our future tomorrow. It is in your power if you allow fear to limit your possibilities. It is in your power if you decide to awaken the warrior in you.

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