“If you have a fear of losing, you will end up losing a lot more than you fear.”


There are many reasons evil is being perpetrated these days. I can sum it up in one word: FEAR! 

Fear is the reason brother turn against brother; a friend betray or kill his friend over the affection of a woman or a man; parents ‘sell’ their daughters out to pimps for prostitution; someone kills his/her neighbour for blood money rituals; public officials embezzle public funds and ruin the lives of those they are meant to be responsible for, etc.

All of this is motivated by a frantic need to secure tomorrow for themselves. But in doing so most people end up jumping from “frying pan to fire”. This is because fear is a drive that steals, kills, and destroys all that one holds dear and seeks to protect. And it (Fear) achieves this by offering an olive branch with one hand while holding a dagger behind its back with the other. Offering the olive branch (which symbolizes peace, joy, luxury, and rest) it tells you, for instance, “you will have all the money and luxury you could ever dream of… But you can have it only if you kill your mother/brother/sister/wife/friend as a sacrifice.”

That latter half of the statement about sacrifice is the step it needs you to take so it will have a legal basis to stab you with the “dagger” of sorrow, pain, loss, emptiness, and ultimately death.

Many of us, for fear of losing relevance in society, do terrible things to our fellow man and even our own flesh and blood in our pursuit of the “Olive branch”. We chase after the shadow of the object and forget the object itself. Then Fear stabs us with its dagger. And we lose a lot more than the relevance and the vain validation we are desperately trying to protect. Those among us who fall into this trap of fear realizes too late that the negative consequences are far greater than the ephemeral vanishing benefits it offers.

Beware of the Olive branch of Fear, lest it stabs you with its dagger of sorrow and pain.

© 2018 Maximus Rex Umeh. All rights reserved.

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