“He who refuses to improve himself  will soon become  irrelevant and out of demand,” – Temitayo Abudu  

An online English Dictionary defines a mediocre as someone who has no peculiar or outstanding features, not extraordinary, special, exceptional or great. These set of people are often comfortable with the achievement of yesterday without an effort to improve themselves today. This group of people celebrate mediocrity. 

For you to avoid the path of a mediocre,  you must crave for excellence in all you do. 

The year 2019 is gradually becoming busier and stylishly moving on with some speed.  

We all started with enormous possibilities to achieve more results compared to last year.  

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May I use this opportunity to remind you we have already used 63 days out of the 365 days in this year and about 1512 hours as at the time of writing this article.

However, to achieve better results this year requires that you embrace positive changes. This is important because if you keep doing what you have always done getting the same result becomes inevitable. 

If you desire better results this year in all your endeavours, then you must strategize, improve on yourself and take the necessary steps. 

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Please note that until you have an insatiable desire for constant improvement and development, achieving your desired goals become difficult. Do not bask in past achievement or glory to limit your vision for greater accomplishment. 

For everyone who is passionate and deliberate about becoming better in all aspects of life must recognize God as the source of our life, therefore we must be accountable to Him .  

Moreso,  for you to achieve greater things more than what you already had,  it is good to always remind yourself that you are a success and carrier of solutions to your world.

Deliberately attend events that will add value to your life. Set a standard for yourself and be ready to align with it, recognize your area of strength and weaknesses; work on them, never relent on your goals and aspirations until you accomplish them. 

Now is the right time to get better, do not wait for another time. 

A mediocre will always wait for things to happen but great men make things happen. 

Avoid the road that leads mediocre and embraces the awesome road that leads to greatness by doing your best today.

You have all it takes to well this year and beyond.


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