“Not everyone will believe in your dreams. Recognize that you are responsible for your life. This is the reason you need to stay determined with a focus on your creator, who can fulfil your destiny,” – Temitayo Abudu          

 To reject means to deny someone of something. It also means to decline or refuse to accept.

As you journey through life there are many people who will cross your path, some are God sent, while a few are meant to support you when you are down. 

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A significant number of the people you meet will pass through with no meaningful impact on your life. 

It’s pertinent you understand that you own your life, which is summed up as your decisions, actions, which are of uttermost importance as far as your destiny is concerned.

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According to John C. Maxwell, there are five types of people you get to encounter as on our journey to fulfil your destiny. They are:

1. The Refresher’s: These set of people inspire your dreams and energize your talents

2. The Refiner’s: They are people who sharpen your ideas and clarify your vision.

3. The Reflector’s: Reflector’s mirror your energy, they neither add nor subtract from it.

4. The Reducer’s: They’re More in a significant portion of our society. Reducers are people who try to reduce your vision and efforts to a level called the comfort zone.

5. The Rejecter’s: People who make you feel you’re not skilled or talent in a particular field. They further hinder your efforts when you try to horn your skills and they also impede your vision.


However, the focus of this piece focuses on the last category of people. 

The major reason I tagged this article the “Rejecter’s Mentality” is to draw your attention to the benefits and dangers of having such people in your life.

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More so, some people display this mentality out of ignorance and sometimes do not realize the damage their action could have on the precious people around them.

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It’s important that I define what it means to have a “Rejecter’s Mentality”.

The “Rejecter’s Mentality” is a state in certain people where they do all they can to deprive someone else of his or her capacity to achieve their desired goals and vision in life.

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Having such people in our lives does not mean we should allow them to dictate who we become. But once you notice this mentality in people around you, try as much as possible to prove then wrong not by your words but through your laudable actions with a proven result. 

People with Rejecter’s mentality are free to express their opinions about, but you are the determinant of what becomes of your life. 

Once you can build a strong will, determination and courage, Rejecter’s begins to fissile out of your life. 

One benefit of coming across such people is that they pushed you into greatness, only if you can turn their negative perception about you into positive energy.

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Do not permit them to have the final say over your life, they are not God.

These set of people will become your limiting factor if you allow them to stay too long in your life. The more they stay, the more you’re likely to conform to their opinion. 

Meanwhile, if you can rise above their level of perception and mediocrity, then you’ll become unstoppable.

Let’s look at a practical instance. Jack Ma, or Ma Yun, is a Chinese business magnate, investor, politician and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and executive chair of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate.

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In a season in his life he faced a series of closed doors, employers turned him down at 30 different job interviews. Despite that, he refused to give up but started a business. Today, Jack Ma is one of the richest people in China and makes the top list of billionaires of Asia.

Drawing from the above illustration, please understand that today’s rejection or hindrance does not mean your life is over.

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Above all, never give up and do not believe the lies of the rejecter. 

Never look down on yourself, today may be hard, achieving your goals may be difficult but strong and focused.

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It’s certain, your tomorrow will be meaningful.

Stay true to your potential and purpose, because it could change the world for good.

 Author: Temitope Abudu

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