Life is in distinct phases and as humans, we get confronted by many issues which when handled well will develop our inner strength and eventually turn into a stepping stone to one’s greatest manifestations.

“To become,” means to arrive or get to a purposed destination, to achieve a set aim, to be whom the creator destine you to be.

It is imperative to learn that life will not give you what you deserve, but what you earnestly desire and demand. Therefore, you must prepare your mind to demand whatever you desire from life.

Only those who live consciously will make meaning out of their life. There is an anonymous saying that people use often that quotes: “Life is not a bed of roses.”  This popular saying reminds us we will definitely confront challenges especially at the verge of “becoming” what the creator destined us for. 

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There are four major experiences, you must encounter on your path to becoming what you’ve been destined for, they include: 

  • The Dream Experience 
  • Trying Times Experience
  • The Understanding Experience 
  • The Victorious Experience


The Dream Experience

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This is the period where you conceive your dreams about your future. It is the period of anticipation and period of gathering momentum towards your becoming. For anyone to become, he/she must have dreamt about it. This is important because you cannot become what you have not imagined. 

The dream or imagination here is not what you see when you sleep, but that which do not permit you to sleep until you’ve achieved it. 

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Dream discussed here is the imagination born out of your vision. Please note that the future you do not conceive through imagination, you cannot function in it.

Trying Times Experience

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This is a period of dryness when you expect help from people, but none seem to be forthcoming. People feel abandoned when they find themselves in this situation; colleagues, friends and family leave them to carry their cross alone. It is a period when no man will render unto you the desired help you direly need.

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It is a period when difficult situations will befall you. You need to realise that those moments will not last because they are temporary. Although situations will make you believe that achieving your desired greatness may just be a mirage. But in you lies the capacity to win the battle. This is the period you truly need courage, determination, faith and a word of affirmation.


The Understanding Experience

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At this stage, you have a full understanding of what it takes to become and your vision about what you want to become is clearer. This stage is the most delicate stage because many allow pride and arrogance to deprive them their entitlement. To scale through this stage you must with all sense of humility and responsibility avoid:

– Refusing to welcome new ideas

– Stopping those who will get new ideas and innovations

– Pushing people into the pit of deceit

– Proving to know it all

The above attributes will deprive anyone from“becoming.” This reoccurrence is common because at “the verge of becoming” lies temptations and possibly a complacency mentality. Never get trapped in the hollow of pride and knowing it all syndrome.

The Victorious Experience 

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At the victorious experience, you’ve achieved your desired plans and aspirations in life. 

The experience is characterised as a period of fulfilment.

This is the stage where one must constantly give back to the society and also build a dynasty.

In conclusion, at the verge of becoming there are many obstacles, but if you can be diligent and stay true to your purpose achieving the victorious experience will become inevitable.

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Those who rule their world are those who can think beyond their limit. 

Think greatness! Act greatness!

Speak greatness with a sense of humility. And the victorious experience will become your destination.


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