To prevail means to overcome. It means coming out victorious after undergoing trials and tribulations.  

I’m sure you can identify with this because we all have one challenge or the other in our life we’re expecting to overcome. This is the reality of life and it’s not changing soon.

But you can decide to prevail over that issue or give a blind eye to it. 

That makes the difference.

Overcomers are men and women who were daring enough to deal with the feuds of their life with faith.

No one becomes a champion without confronting his or her fears and challenges. 

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Thus, at the gate of prevailing lies tribulation. 

Travailing is not a curse, but a path we must all go through to achieve victory.

Before you can triumph over your challenges,  you must be willing you pay the price. 

Paying the price means you must be courageous, persistent, zealous and have strong faith in your creator knowing you will end up victorious.

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Travailing becomes important as Steve Harvey notes, “Until you change your focus and elevate your imagination, your present situation will define you”.

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One way to change your focus is to avoid distractions and any form of discouragement. It is easy to fall into such traps because of your current predicament. Instead of getting discouraged, know that the bigger the challenges the brighter the glory.

To experience success amid challenges, you must pay the price in full. 

Now that you know this, remember that nothing good and remarkable comes easy. You must be deliberate to get it.


Please know that until you travail during your trying times, you cannot prevail and until you prevail; you cannot experience success.

Without resounding success, you cannot be known

To be relevant to your world and generation; you must be ready to work for it.

Above all, the lesson here is that for you to prevail you must travail. 

That travailing moment is the period where you experience challenges,  failed promises and hopelessness. 

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But those moments will not last forever, they form the experiences of your life and will make the story more interesting during our triumph.

As you go through your trying times, I urge you to stay strong.


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