My name is Atai Princewil a.k.a Wila and I hail from Essien Udimin Akwa-ibom state, born into a family of 7 as the first child and only child of my Mum. However I had always admired going into music as a career from a distance even though I was in the choir in church (Christian Methodist Episcopal Church) at a very tender age.

Professionally it started writing songs in my 100level while I was still studying Petroleum Analysis in IRGIB Africa University. Furthermore, I stand for creativity, uniqueness and positive vibes. I aspire to do songs that will affect every listener positively, encourage and motivate the mind diverse ways.

I wrote AMEEN due to an inspiration and motivation. I got thinking about everything that was happening around me and how life revealed itself to me. I was challenged by the social vices and difficulties faced by the young and old, the child on the street who cannot get a square meal, the poor woman selling Garri by the road side and still being harassed by the government, the man who thinks he’s destiny was to live in a small rented apartment etc.

Ameen is a song I did to bring hope, believe and also restore faith to everyone who facing challenges in every ramifications of life. And also a prayer for the nation to bring PEACE and BLESSINGS not just to Nigeria alone but the world and human race at large