F Green is a Nigerian from Jos the capital city of Plateau State, a mouth piece for the oppressed, downtrodden and the destitute sent to deliver excellent messages against the violation of human existence, which is against the law of nature through the sounds of vibrant instruments, dance and lyrics.


NAME:  Francis Dung Rwang. a.k.a F Green

F. Green the Messenger.

BIRTH: 21st July 1976 At Kabong Jos, Plateau State Nigeria.

Born as third child to Mr. & Mrs.

Gwom Rwang of Forom in B/Ladi

LGA of Plateau State, Nigeria.

EDUCATION: Kabong Primary School Jos

1982 -1988

Government College Jos between

1993 -1994

Government Secondary School Jos

1994 -1995 

Diploma in Theatre and Film Arts University of Jos

2008 -2009 session

LANGUAGES: English, Berom and Hausa

Work: Presently working with Ministry of Tourism, Culture and  Hospitality (Music Department)