Andrew Odoe just released a song titled “Have Some Sympathy”. The song emphasises on the level of suffering and poverty around us. Adding that some people among us are fortunate to have enough to eat and drink but lack the sympathy to save the people around them. The song is a call to nations at war around the world to stop turning mothers and kids into refugees. Odoe’s song will make you retrospect on the level of suffering in war-torn counties and developing countries where poverty is prevalent. Watch the song and enjoy

Short Bio

Andrew Odoe is an Entertainer and Humanitarian. He is the Founder of ELEKT Global Foundation and CEO of Valley Top Communications. In recent times he has blended both his musical talent with the humanitarian aspect of his life, giving birth to the Song “Have Some Sympathy” which is a plea for love and unity amongst humanity in the face of increasing violence and poverty across the globe.

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