Profile of Akhere

Blessing Akhere Okpaifo, a twin, who always desired to sing and simply Known in music circle as Akhere, the Economics graduate and former model who currently works in the aviation sector, is making her mark in the music industry.

Music is my passion. I fell in love with music very early in life. And I used to remember making very beautiful sounds at age five. As a child, I was already aware of my love for music and I longed to be part of the choir, the senior choir actually. But of course, you have to start from the children’s choir. I started as an alto singer. I was fantastic as an alto singer but I don’t know what happened. One day, we were having our choir rehearsal and I was switched. They switched me from alto to treble and that was the beginning.

For people who watched me sing, ‘wonderful’ was an understatement when it comes to singing the soprano. As I grew older, I started to write songs. I migrated from writing gospel songs to writing secular songs. I wrote my first eight songs while I was still in the university and came up with an album thereafter .

Over the years, I have tried to be unique in my own way. I don’t want to be someone else. I just want to be me. And I believe the sky is big enough for everyone. We might probably not get there at the same time but as long as there is life, then I’ll keep pushing.

 I have so many recorded songs to my credit which include; Gaga, On my mind, Udoh, Cover me, Maga , mr deejay, kolo, baby boi, fantansy, Babylon city and I refuse to die amongst others

 One of my songs, ‘Irin Ise’ (Man of Steel) trended not long ago. There is a story behind it. Initially, my past relationship actually gave birth to that song. At the point I wrote this song, the relationship meant so much to me. That sanity and happiness and contentment you want in a relationship was there. And I never imagined it was ever going to end but that’s life for you. You have to give it your best shot which is what I did. The love around the relationship at that point led to that song.

 I still don’t know how I have been able to combine flying with music because music on its own when I was doing fulltime music, takes a lot of my time. And when I ask myself how I have been able to cope, the only answer is my love and passion for music. Honestly,,, the stage is where I’ll rather be .

 Once in a while, I like to go dancing. It helps relieves my stress. But most of the time, I don’t even have that time to go dancing as often as I want. What I do is I always have my earpiece with me. When it blasts my head for a while, it’s more like it massages my brain and makes me calm When I get home, I still have it on the speaker. So, when the music is playing, I’m moving around at my pace doing things. The only time I turn off the music is when I want to pray and want to go to bed. I see the stage as my world and in that world, I RULE!!!