Most times we don’t know what is on the mind of the person we love. One way we can get them to say what is on their mind is to ask.

Maira Claire makes it easy with a song she titles “Your mind.” She dedicated the song to her lover seeking to know his desires needs, the thoughts on his mind, and future aspirations.

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The inspirational artistes further added that knowing this will help her give him the love he deserves. 

Have you been thinking of asking your lover these questions?  

Then listen to the song to get inspired.

The song was produced by a prolific producer Kebee.

Listen and Enjoy




Mariam Ojochenemi Haruna popularly known as Maira Claire is a multi-talented singer, a dancer and a songwriter who relish entertaining others.

You Are

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Maira, as she is fondly called, is an R&B, Inspirational and Soul performer who take her audience on a journey through music to where she gives expression to their inner desires for inspiration and freedom to help them live a purposeful life.

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