Writen By:  Temitayo  Abudu

Life is an adventure that evolves every day.

Despite this known fact most people do not embrace its adventure but rather complain.

And when they do this, they fail to understand that when the Providence created the universe; it was without form, but because of the blessedness of His vision, He created light.

People who fail to embrace life’s adventure are the ones who complain and they do this for the lack of vision. There is a big difference between sight and vision.

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So, what is a vision?

According to an online dictionary, a vision is the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

There is no way you plan and then experience a complete failure.

A plan serves as a roadmap of what you need to get to where you are going.

And if perhaps you experience failure on the way, then it would be that you did not plan properly. It could also be that you did not keep to the plan or failed to adjust them to meet reality.

Dr Myles Munroe the author of the book: “The Principles and Power of Vision” quote, “The eyes that look are common, but the eyes that see are rare.” He reveals in the book that every great act that has impacted human history resulted from people who had a defined vision.

Vision Vision

Everyone has sight but only a few people operate with the power of vision.

If you want to make your dreams a living reality, then you must embrace the power of vision.

This is the reason it is important that every individual pursuing a cause should, first, establish the vision of the cause. There are no two ways about it if you want to succeed.  Every pursuit that ended up as a success was built on a defined vision.

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Think about it! Is it a successful relationship, a growing business or a loving family?

They were all built on a  defined vision.

The first step you need when building any concern is to define your vision.

Your vision is the light that gives direction to your life.

People who live life without vision live a life of misery and self-limitations.

But, when you define your vision in life you become a light to your world.

And because the light was not created to be selfish; your vision should not just be about your own comfort alone but one that will benefit the universe and generations unborn.

Vision is what you need to give direction to your life. While living for a cause is the fulfilment you derive from defining your vision.

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Depression, depravity and discontentment are outcomes people face when they fail to have a proper plan. Vision makes a disabled person do what an able body individual won’t be able to do. 

Amid difficulty, vision serves as a source of hope and encouragement to keep you pushing and pressing on.

“You may have sight without vision, but you can’t have vision without sight”

Above all, for you to succeed, you must discover your vision and be willing to die for a cause.

By: Temitayo  Abudu

Email: pacifictayo@gmail.com

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