Today it is easy for musicians to get the exposure they need online. They can either use it to advance or destroy their career. The task is now reduced on record labels because artistes can now build their own fan base on social media. So it becomes easy for labels to sign artistes and focus on just producing their music.

Having an online visibility is important for musicians because they are public figures. In creating their desired online visibility, Artistes need to make sure they choose the right social media platforms where they want to engage and then follow through to make create the visibility that will propel them into becoming a star. And to build this visibility they should:

1. Develop a Consistent Posting Strategy

 It becomes pertinent to develop a strategy that defines when you post and what you post on social media. Define your target audience, know what appeals to them and then share contents in such areas. Consistency is key for creating buzz on social media. It will keep your fans engaged with your music or content. If you stay too long with no content or update, your fans will forget about you and your music.

2. Share Valuable Content

Presence without connections is useless. And connection can only come when your fans get value from the content you share on your platform. For instance, if you are about to create an album; you can share the footage of you creating the album. That way, they will make comments that will serve as feedback to the album you’re working on. It can serve as an indicator that tells you what they will look out for when that album is released.

3. Engage in One on One Conversations

Your fans will communicate with you on your platform. You need to engage them in a one-on-one conversation. This is the easiest way to create an instant connection with your fans. When an artiste responds to fans’ comments, it gives them that sense of acceptance and belonging. This connection can be a relationship that can further projects the artiste in areas they need feedbacks and other opportunities.

4. Use Give Away & Promotions

Give away and promotion is one fast way to build your presence on social media. You can keep your fans engaged by asking them questions and then give prizes to winners. This will get them more engaged on your platforms and will invite others to join. It is one fast way to build your fan base as an artiste.

5. Use Email Marketing

With e-mail marketing, you can get to your fans through direct emails. It gives the artiste the opportunity to develop pre-sales content for their albums and concert. Email marketing also affords you to send personalised email content to your fans. It also gives you the opportunity to have their data with you, unlike social media platforms where their data is hidden due to privacy policies.

6. Hire a Social Media Firm

We added this because most musicians are often too busy, going from one concert to another. Hiring a social media firm allows the artiste to achieve more in his or her area of core competence. And it is the easiest way to turn an upcoming artiste into a star because the social media firm will handle the process in a professional manner. Outsourcing social media management will relief the artiste of more time to face his or her music, which will enable the artiste to achieve more.

We are sure that once an artiste implements these key points, they will definitely create a buzz around their visibility online.

“Getting smart about having an online presence is one of the strongest sales tactics you could consider.” – Tony Clayton Hinn.

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