I have been in situations where I ask myself questions.

Questions bearing on:

“How do I move from point A to point B in a project?”

“Why is it appearing impossible to meet and surpass my target?”

“How do I measure success in terms of what I have achieved?”

Then I discovered I was asking myself one basic question, which is:

“What do I want from life?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, then this article is what you need to answer them.

I could only answer these questions from the experiences I have garnered over the years. And I’m ready to share them with you.

So, I’m asking you the same question: “What do you want from life?”

 Are you discouraged that your efforts aren’t rewarding yet?

 If that is the case, then it’s time to think about what you want to achieve and set goals to accomplish them.

 Think about this; how will you arrive at your destination if you do not know where you are going to?

 Without having a pictorial knowledge of where you are going, you may never make it to your destination.

The same goes for setting clear and specific goals. Setting Goals have a tremendous impact on human activity.

Success comes with goal setting and growth. Goals help to direct your focus towards your dream. Every accomplished goal should move you a step further towards your dream.

 You need to set goals if you want to get to experience success.

 The first step is to set S.M.A.R.T (SpecificMeasurable, AttainableRealistic and Timely) goals to avoid falling short of reaching them.

These goals should motivate you enough to turn your vision into a reality. The aim of goal setting is to help you achieve success faster than when you don’t set a goal.

 It also gives you a sense of direction towards your dream and pushes you to be courageous enough to take charge of your life.  

 Most people don’t set goals because they don’t understand the importance of goal setting. Another reason people don’t set goals is that they are afraid of failure and rejection.  You need to get serious about your goals and seek ways to achieve them.

Goals Goals

The following elements are crucial when you embark on goal setting:

1. Passion.

The ultimate fuel for success is passion. You become an unstoppable force when you are passionate about achieving your dreams. Decide what you want to do with your life and stay passionate about your vision because it keeps you focused.

2. Plan.

Planning is also an important key element. Plan how you intend to achieve each goal you set to avoid ending up in a fine kettle of fish. A clumsy plan is better than having no plan. The absence of planning makes success onerous and frustrating to achieve.

3. Commitment.

A consistent and committed practice of goal setting can bring about a colossal growth that will move you from lack to abundance. If you stay committed to your goals, you will surely accomplish them.

4. Focus

Focus on where you are going and not where you are coming from. What really matters at the end of the day is how you end your journey.  Start small, but make sure you end well. Focus your energies towards your goals and attain them

5. Potentials

Use your potentials to the best of your ability. Since you’ve got the potentials, then you stand the chance of attaining your goals. Your purpose will not succeed if you don’t make use of your potentials to the best of your ability. Never forget that your potentials are limitless.

 You are a potential mastermind with the abilities to achieve more than you have achieved.

6. Self-motivation

Self-motivation should be a constant daily routine that you practice. Motivate yourself, live consciously with the “I can” mentality and attitude. Develop a positive perspective on everything that happens around you. 

 These elements will help kick-start your journey of achieving your dream.

 Now is the time to get serious about success.StageRave Publishers

You too can be successful and meet your goals.

Written by: Justina Samuel-iwok

 © 2018 Justina Samuel-iwok. All rights reserved.


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