“Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not our own,”–Gina Greenlee

The easiest way to avoid mistakes and live a fulfilled life in personal, business and career is to learn from others. And when learning from others, it is essential to understand the steps that projected them to succeed.

If you have been reading our blog post, you’ll realise this has been our centre of attention–letting you know in simple ways how you can take simple steps that will project you to success.
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Today our focus is on a music group called Sister Sledge. Formed in the 70s, the group comprises siblings Debbie, Kim, Joni, and Kathy Sledge collectively called Sister Sledge.

They were best known for their work with Chic in the late 70s, and they reached the height of their popularity during the Disco Era and were still active in the decades to follow.

This successful group is popular for their songs: “We Are Family’s, Love Somebody Today, All-American Girl,” etc. They’ve hit the number one chat several times and sold millions of copies. This is why we strongly believe they are an example for upcoming artists and groups to emulate.

So what did they do differently?

1. They Started Their Careers Very Early

Starting early in life shows you have taken a decision about your career choice. It keeps your focus on your goal. 

Sister Sledge was formed in Philadelphia in 1971. As at then, the sisters’ ages ranged from 12 to 16. And that was the time they recorded their first single, “Time Will Tell,” for the Philly-based Money Back label.

In 1972, Sister Sledge signed with ATCO and recorded their second single, “Weatherman,” which was followed by the Jackson 5-like “Mama Never Told Me” in 1973. They started early, made mistakes, learnt through the ropes, understood the business aspect of the industry and got better.


If you know you want to pursue a career in music. This is the time to start. I mean now! Start by taking meaningful steps that will announce you in the industry.

2. Consistency

Consistency talks about the growth phase. If you ask most successful people, they would tell you that sometimes in their lives when the path they choose seem as if it wasn’t working: as if everything was still, but they never gave up.

They continued until they became a success. This was the same for the Sister Sledge group, their first; second, the third release was not a hit. It was until 1974 before the Sister Sledge’s had their first national hit with the song:  “Love, Don’t You Go Through No Changes on Me” reached number 31 on the R&B chart.

And this was when the Philadelphians recorded their debut album, Circle of Love. Sister Sledge second album, Together, was released in 1977 and contained the number 61 R&B hit “Blockbuster Boy.”

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Sister Sledge single that exploded commercially “We Are Family,” was released in 1979, and was produced by Chic leaders Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards. “He’s the Greatest Dancer” and We Are Family’s title song both soared to number one on the R&B chart, and the latter (a number two pop smash) was adopted as a theme by the World Series-winning Pittsburgh Pirates.

There is a place for staying consistent as an artist. Keep doing what you do and give your best to it; you are on your way to success.

3. They Wanted More

Hunger for success is one attribute constant with successful people. You can also identify that as an attribute of Sister Sledge. They wanted more, and that made them sort for one of the best producers. 

The group switched producers in 1981, and worked with Narada Michael Walden, who produced 1981’s excellent “All-American Girl”. The song was a number three R&B hit, and in 1982 Sister Sledge had a number 14 R&B hit with a cover of Mary Wells’ “My Guy” that appeared on The Sisters.

4. They knew when to go solo

Like every other group, they knew when to go solo.  What we refer to as growth means getting to a point where you have developed so much capacity you are seeking for a platform to showcase your abilities. How do you know this?

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It’s obvious because most successful groups produce successful artiste. In fact, when members of a group go solo, you can now identify in their individual talents the success behind the group. Sister Sledge produced artists like Kathy who released a debut solo album, Heart in 1992, and 1997.

Your success as a solo artiste depends on your determination and consistency. Learn from the Sledge Sisters and you will not only replicate their success but surpass their feat.


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