“The first step towards achieving anything in life is your willingness to start,” – Temitayo Abudu

I’m sure if you retrospect about your life in 2019, you will see areas of your life where if you had applied your willpower it would have made a difference. 

The fact is, we have just a few days left in 2019 and you can’t undo what you have done.

But you can have a fresh start in the coming year which is just a few days from now.

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A fresh start for someone in the year 2020 will mean for that individual to explore his or her willpower.

First, let us put this article in proper context by explaining the meaning of willpower.

The term “willpower” refers to control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.

It also means the ability to control your thoughts and behaviour in order to achieve something.

Hence, it is not just about your achievements, it’s also about not giving up when the going gets tough.

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For you to get to the epitome of greatness, you will surely encounter setbacks and challenges but your willpower can give you the desired morale to scale through.

To become a force to reckon with in your chosen endeavour, there is a need to explore your willpower.

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Please note that in all we do willpower is necessary.

There is no crime in starting small, the most important thing is to finish stronger and better.


Having said this, let’s consider some reasons you need to explore your willpower.

1. It Reinforces your Intentions and turns it into a Reality:

Your intention is your innate belief, and what you believe dictates your actions.

Therefore, when you explore your willpower success becomes an inevitable trait in your life.

2. It allows you to Gain Relevance:

People with a strong willpower are perceived as serious people.

And often are given access and opportunities to what they seek.

However, for people who lack willpower the case is different because they jostle for opportunities.

3. It Helps you to Overcome the Unwillingness to Take Action:


Most people have good intentions but lack the willpower needed to make it a reality.

Your willpower is the fuel that helps you fulfil your intention.

4. Your Willpower helps you attain your Goals and Accelerate your Achievements:

no one ever gets to the pinnacle of their career without first having the willingness to start.

I have realized that no dream ever becomes a reality without the willingness of the carrier.

Willpower enhances your confidence and gives you the strength in the face of adversity.

I want you to know that “tough time don’t last, only tough people do”

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Drawing from the above assertion, how then can you develop and explore your willpower in the coming year.

Below are some important attributes you should possess to explore your willpower in the coming year.

1. Understand your purpose for life.

2. Overcome excuses.

3. Learn to reward yourself once you achieve a set goal.

4. Value your quiet time.

5. Utilise the word of affirmation. Always proclaim greatness and strength to yourself, it helps your self-esteem.

Positive words and messages are powerful. Nourish yourself with them to develop and explore your willpower.

I conclude, your willpower is the engine room that reflects courage, without it, nothing will ever move in your life.

“If you explore your willpower, you will do the impossible”!

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