Reggae fans will always remember the veteran reggae artiste Ras Kimono for the role he played in promoting reggae music. He died on the 10th of June 2018. And even though the world is still in shock, he will continue to live in the hearts of reggae lovers. There is so much to learn from this legendary reggae artiste.

Here are a few lessons upcoming artistes should learn from the life of Ras Kimono:

1. His Humble Background Couldn’t Stop Him.

Ras Kimono just like most artiste had a humble background. He was born in Ekeleke Elumelu on the 9th of May 1958 in Delta State, right in the Southern part of Nigeria. The passion for music steered him to start his career when he was a student of Gbenoba Secondary School Agbor. The reggae crooner was consistent as he kept performing even in secondary school. Your background is not an excuse for failure. As an artiste, you decide your level of success.

“Show me a man hungry for success, and I will show a man that lived a life without limitations.”– Ras Kimono was one man that chose not to be limited.

2. He Was in a Group Before Going Solo. 

Most of the artiste that made it as a solo artiste started in a group. The reason it’s good to start in a group is because of the level of diligence and commitment group members put in their rehearsals. They work so hard to have a proper blend of their vocals when producing a song. This gives them an edge when they decide to go solo. Ras Kimono was a part of the biggest reggae band–the Jastrix reggae band Ital in the country. Some members of the group later became popular and successful solo artiste. Members of the group include Ras Kimono, Majek Fashek, Amos McRoy Jegg and Black Rice Osagie.

3. He Was Consistent until He Had a Break

After launching his career as a solo artiste when he broke out of the group, he struggled for a little while. Despite the challenge, he stayed consistent until he had a break in 1989. Ras Kimono had his first major break in 1989 as a solo artist when he released his album Under Pressure on the Premier Music label in 1989, which propelled him to instant continental stardom. The album had hits such as Under Pressure, Natty Get Jail and the massive hit Rhumba Style.

4. He was Deliberate About His Message

 Ras Kimono was deliberate about his kind of music. He used his music to preach consciousness. He centred his message on the need for Africans to repel colonialism and its arbitrary boundaries between tribes. He was not averse to naming those in power he saw as synonymous with backdoor imperialism. The reggae star has four albums to his credit namely: Under Pressure (1989), We No Wan (1989), What’s Gwan (1990), Rub A Dub (1990).


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Rest in peace legend!

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