Teen pop groups were a trend during the 80s and early 90s. The success of the Jackson 5ive inspired many of these groups. One of such groups that got inspired was New Edition.

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The New Edition was not only a success but became a forerunner of two generations of teen pop (most of which was geared to white audiences). As the group matured they defined their line of music to be R&B and hip pop. This successful group has done what most groups can only imagine doing – have a decent solo success and remained a steady force as a group. The group is made up of Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike along with lead singers Ralph and Johnny.

New Edition

New Edition has given us nearly thirty years of music and memories. This article focuses on how young groups can learn how to emerge to become a global success.

Emerging as a boy’s band or girls groups is often a challenge for many. Regardless of the genre or the style of your songs you can emerge to become a successful group. Here are simple steps to learn from the New Edition story:

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1. The Group Had Common Interests

New Edition

The group started in the late 1970s and early 1980s with three friends in the Roxboro projects in Boston who met and bonded over a common love of music, dance, and the burgeoning hip-hop culture. Their bond waxed stronger as a group. New Edition was officially formed in 1978 by Mike Bivins, Ricky Bell, and Bobby Brown.

Local producer Maurice Starr guided them and recruited Ralph Tresvant after two other friends left the group. In addition, they met a local manager named Travis Gresham and choreographer Brooke Payne—they were well on their way.

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For any group to succeed, the foundation must be firm. The group members must share a common interest in the genre of music and on the vision of the group. This is important because it is the interest that will serve as a succour point in their moments of discord.

2. They Were Ready to Do Something Different

New Edition

New Edition needed to disrupt the atmosphere and a high boundary that seemed like a tall order since the Jackson 5ive had made R&B appealed to pop audience. Determined to be the next success story, their performance got Maurice Star to sign them to his record label. The label released their first album in 1983.

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When a new group or band gets ready to disrupt what people know as the best, they must create something unique or better still get ready to do things differently.

3. They Got the Music Right

Making a song you feel is right is different from releasing a song that would connect to your audience. Before New Edition set out the group made sure they got their songs right. They made sure that from the release of their first album their songs made a connection with their audience.

 After the success of the group, some members of the group went solo. However, after a few years of success, all six members reunited in 1996 for a new album and tour. New Edition was a successful group and has since inspired so many boys group. The group still goes on tours till date and recently celebrated their thirtieth anniversary as a group.

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