Craig David

As one of British most successful artiste, there is a lot to be said about this R&B and Pop crooner. His career path is exemplary, and he is considered a groundbreaker based on the fact that he moved from UK’s garage scene to the mainstream.

He is one of the few that has broken the protocols to reach the height where most musicians still dream about. Last week, we revealed, “How Craig David to become UK’s most successful artiste.”  And our readers still want us to dive into the life of this successful UK artiste.

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Please follow us as we reveal 11 things you never knew about Craig David.

1. His Debut Album “Born to Do It” Sold 6x Platinum

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The record sold over 1.8million copies in the UK alone. The album also achieved success in the US by selling over a million copies in the US. His managers played a major part in the success of recording the album.

2. The Album Won him Three Major Awards in the Same Year

Craig David

The album “born to do it” placed Craig David on top of the music game as a swept off three MOBO awards with that album in the same year. The album that hosted smashing singles like “7 Days” and “Walking Away” further earned him three Ivor awards and six BRIT Awards nominations in 2001.

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3. His Follow-up Album “Slicker than Average” licked online before it was officially released

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After ruling the music scene in 2001, Craig David was ready to continue a new release in 2002 but got a shocker that his album was already released online before the official release. When confronted with the issue, he argued that the lick of the album online further helped his songs to spread and gain more popularity.

4. Despite the Lick of the Album, “Slicker than Average,” the record sold 2x platinum in the UK. 

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The album had songs like “Rise & Fall” featuring sting, “What’s your Flava?”, “Hidden Agenda.” “Slicker than Average” album was also a hit. “Rise & Fall” was a song talking about what he thinks may happen to him living as a celebrity. Take your time and listen to the lyrics.

5. He Changed His Genre in His 2005 Album

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In 2005, Craig David got signed to Warner Records; he then changed his genre of music. His style of songs leaned toward adult contemporary R&B. His album “All the Way” sent him straight to making top 3 in the UK top chart. The album was a success.

Craig David


6. Craig David was Bullied When He was in School

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He sings about how he was bullied when he was in high school. The song he titles “Johnny” which was the album’s fifth track. He wrote the song as an open letter style describing his experience.

7. His Fourth Album “Trust Me” released in 2007 was a shift from the Norm. 

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The album features a sample of David Bowie’s iconic 1983 single “Let’s dance”. The song peaked at the seventh spot on the UK chart.

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8. The R&B Crooner was awarded an Honorary Degree

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He was awarded an honorary degree from Southampton Solent University in 2008. He received an honorary degree of Doctor of Music for his contribution to the music industry.

9. He Got Inspiration from His Motown Heroes

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Inspired by Motown heroes, he released a cover album titled “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”. The record brought back the memories of classic tunes of Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and AI Green.

10. Craig Moved to Miami Florida after His Sixth Record

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After his successive sixth record, Craig David sold his Hampstead home and moved to Miami Florida. He bought an all-White penthouse in Florida and focused on working out to regain body shape.

11. He Returns to Number on the Chart in 2016 After Sixteen Years

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This came up in 2016, sixteen years after his debut album in 2001. This is the second chart-topper of his career, outselling nearest rival Bon Iver by 4,500 copies.  

Craig David is not yet done in the music scene and he is still planning on coming out with new songs that will leave music lovers asking for more.

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