Glossophobia means the fear of public speaking. 

Findings have revealed that the next thing people are afraid of after death is Glossophobia.

Therefore, it is necessary to overcome it. Based on my experience and interaction with individuals both teenagers, youth and adult, facing the crowd, has not always been an easy task for them.

Hence, I have looked at 10 ways to overcome Glossophobia.


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Identity means who or what somebody or something is. It is the characteristics, feelings or beliefs that distinguished people from others.

To overcome Glossophobia don’t be a photocopy of another person, rather discover your unique self.

The authenticity of your genuine self will enhance your confidence and earn your respect in the sight of your audience.

Learn to be original, don’t try to over impress the audience but be at your best. Your originality will make you stand out among many.  Do not be afraid of making mistakes, be willing to learn from your mistakes and endeavour to grow daily.

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No one ever become an expert in a day, it is a continuous process.

Above all, you are the best of your kind.

Yes, you can!

You have the capacity!

To overcome Glossophobia!

 Yes, you are the best!


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For you to overcome Glossophobia and as well win the heart of your audience.

 It is pertinent to get useful knowledge. Knowledge comes through information. Information is the fact or details about something.

One of the major reasons people are afraid of public speaking engagement is because of lack of information. If you really want to build your confidence ahead of any public speaking engagement, ensure you are well informed on whatever you want to address the audience about.

“If you are not current, you can never be correct”

Your level of correctness gives you an edge and builds your self-confidence.

There are various ways one can get productive knowledge. Some of which are books, audio messages from reputable speakers, documentaries just to mention a few.

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Many people are always afraid and suffer from Glossophobia because they do not know what and when to speak.

It is instructive to note that overcoming Glossophobia makes you be relevant.

“Those who refuse to know can not be known”

Get knowledge.

Be ahead of your audience.

Above all, for anyone to overcome the fear of public speaking, you need the willingness and a great desire to acquire useful knowledge.


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Sincerely, the feedbacks have been awesome and engaging; I urge everyone to digest the points as it evolves.

What then is practise? It means to repeat something as a way of improving one’s skill. While practical is based on action rather than theory.

If you want to overcome Glossophobia, it is important to practise constantly and be practical.

The more you practise, the more you increase your confidence level.

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 Please note that one of the greatest secrets of transformation in public speaking is “repetition”.

If you have any presentation or speech ensure you practice continuously, stand before your mirror, be humble to take to corrections and be true to yourself.

Remember practical is based on action rather than theory, don’t just study your presentation stand before your mirror, display and see how well you have done, because your number one audience is you.

More so, stay positive, have a good attitude and always believe you can, because the only person who can limit you is YOU.

Napoleon Hill says and I quote, “A lawyer who goes into court with the best case will convince neither judge nor jury if her attitude is negative”

Conclusively, never limit yourself, one reason you are afraid of speaking in public is that you have not engaged in a consistent practice.

You have all it takes to overcome Glossophobia

Yes, you can!.


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To reject means to deny someone of something. It also means to decline or refuse to accept.

In overcoming Glossophobia, eliminating the mindset of rejection is very significant. Some people have the notion they are not good enough for public speaking because they assume that the audience or group will accept their opinion on the chosen subject.

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Some questions that run through the mind of such individuals include:

What if my audience hates my speech?

What if they boo me off stage?

What if they got bored?

What if my pronunciation is wrong?

I sincerely beseech you to eliminate such fear, rather let these questions be a source of motivations towards having a better presentation and not an obstacle.

I realize that people who suffer from Glossophobia often time have issues in expressing their ideas and it also interferes with their everyday life, ranging from career, relationship, business and interaction with colleagues just to mention a few.

Do not be deceived anyone can make a mistake, don’t reject yourself or feel rejected because of your little mistakes.

Above all, the fear of public speaking is surmountable, if and only if you will eliminate the mindset of rejection by believing in yourself, while you also keep in mind that 40 per cent of the audience fear public speaking too.


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 Glossophobia if not dealt with getting worse. And it could interfere with your ability to function under some circumstances.

Most times Glossophobia triggers feelings of discomfort and nervousness.

Therefore, another way to overcome the menace of Glossophobia is to avoid people who drain your courage, they try as much as possible to manipulate your efforts; they discourage you and put on a deliberate attitude towards frustrating your meaningful efforts.

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They focus more on the problem rather than the solution.

Sometimes some of them do this out of ignorance because they are also afraid of speaking in public and want other people to toll their path.

Limit your exposure to people who drain your courage with their impossibility behaviour.

We need to note that people who drain your courage always blame others for their own shortcomings and keep a negative attitude towards life. The more we spend time with such people, the more we have to deal with their passive, complaining and irresponsible nature. And before you know it, this negativity will create resistance on the path of your willingness to overcome Glossophobia.

In conclusion, make sure you choose the right people who will make you feel safe and happy. Even when you are not at your best they correct you in love and also support you at all times.


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The words “public speaking” cause fear and anxiety in the minds of otherwise competent and confident people.

Of a truth, many people who have a strong fear of public speaking fear being judged, embarrassed or rejected.

To overcome Glossophobia, it is necessary to speak meaningfully whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Speaking means the action of conveying information or expressing one’s feelings in speech. There is no magic in overcoming Glossophobia, it is a continuous process, accept any opportunity to speak no matter the number of the audience.

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The first thing to do in speaking is to face the people you know, this will help in overcoming being nervous.

Start your speaking engagement gradually, once you’ve identified your fears, practice presenting to small, supportive groups.

 As your confidence grows, build up to larger audiences.

People who suffer from GLOSSOPHOBIA may deliberately avoid situations where they would have to speak in public. Alas!! You don’t have to run away from your fear, face it and conquer it.

Yes, you can start now.


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“There is no elevator to success, take the step”.

According to one estimate, 75% of people experience some anxiety or nervousness during public speaking and 10% of people are terrified. Speaking in public is one of the most common fears, ranking among heights, death and snakes.

Drawing from the above statistics, it is a known fact that Glossophobia can lead to loneliness, poor self-esteem, depression and isolation.

The onus is on you to pay any price and spend any amount of time to speak well. It takes a conscious effort and determination to overcome Glossophobia.

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You can pay the price of overcoming Glossophobia by spending time on self-development, read meaningful books on public speaking, listen to reputable speakers in public speaking.

“The price you will pay today will determine your level of reward tomorrow”.

Above all, the fear of speaking in public can leave us frozen in fear, but our persistence and doggedness in seeking practical and relevant knowledge will give us the courage to overcome GLOSSOPHOBIA.           


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“The royal road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about the things he treasures most”.

To really overcome Glossophobia you must as a matter of importance to understand your audience.

Please note that many famous people have suffered from Glossophobia, including actors, politicians and even presidents.

Some notable examples are Renee Zellweger, Nicole Kidman, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Sigmund Freud and Thomas Jefferson. So you are not in this alone, but the good news is, you have all it takes to overcome.

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Understanding your audience will boost your morale, increase your confidence level and give you a safe and meaningful landing.

Will you be addressing a group of experts or one that knows little about the topic?

Being aware of your audience will help you structure your presentation accordingly and prepare for it. You should always be more knowledgeable than your audience.

In understanding your audience note that there are categories of people and it is essential to know the royal road to their heart.

As I drop my creative pen, I encourage you to be a “jack of all trade, master of one”. Know something about many things, no matter how little, while you continuously improve in your area of specialization. This gives you an edge over your audience and also expand your understanding of the audience.

Do not permit anyone to limit you.

Have a positive mental attitude.

Speak value and speak confidently.


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It is instructive to share with you some amazing statistics about the Americans as far as Glossophobia is a concern.

More Americans are terrified of public speaking than are afraid of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, loneliness, dying, theft, volcanoes, ageing, needles, mass shootings, kidnappings and ghosts. Glossophobia, the medical term for stage fright, makes 28.4 per cent of the adults in the U.S. either afraid or terrified, according to The Chapman University Survey of American Fears.

Meanwhile, volcanoes scare 19.7 per cent of American adults and 8.5 per cent of adults are afraid of zombies, according to the report.  Although public speaking often induces terror, it’s a vital skill for potential entrepreneurs and business owners who must be able to get up in front of a crowd to make a pitch, present an idea, or close a deal.

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Your opening sets the tone for your speech and your closing is what you will leave your audience with.

I tell my students and mentees, if your introduction is watery, your audience will definitely be disinterested in your presentation.  Therefore, to avoid creating another fear for yourself on the podium, it is important to have a great introduction and amazing conclusion which will boost your courage for the next public speaking engagement.

Anyone who wants to do well as an entrepreneur and in any chosen career, you need to overcome Glossophobia if you can overcome Glossophobia it becomes very easy to deal with low self-esteem.

Above all, your introduction and conclusion are very essential to deal with a fear of public speaking.


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Today’s topic is very important if you want to overcome Glossophobia and remain relevant in the sight of your audience. It is advisable to speak from your heart and be real in your presentation.

During your presentation, talk about your own experience. Telling personal, true stories is the best way to impart information and inspire others.  However, it is important to be real and keep it short, to avoid boredom.

Avoid overly complicated language. It loses the audience. You don’t need jargon to sound like you know what you’re talking about; bring in your own personal stories and experiences to build a persuasive case for why you are passionate about what you do.

Let me end with this quote by Allison Shapira (Founder and CEO of Global Public Speaking) he says, “Your enthusiasm is your best sales tools”.

Continue to speak and impart!

S  –   Solving

P  –    Problems

E  –    Empowering your

A  –    Audience with

K  –    Knowledge

I   –    In a

N –    Numinous

G –    Gratification

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