If you fail to invest positively in yourself today and be deliberate about the fulfilment of your life purpose. The future will invariably become a show of mockery.

If you cannot be truthful to yourself and discover your true identity

Then it will be mysterious to think people will respect you without taking advantage of your ignorance.                                                        

  ………………Temitayo Abudu………….

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Self-discovery is so important in this dispensation because a lot of people are suffering from identity crises.

The reason is that many have failed to work on how to discover themselves.

Just like I pointed out in the last episode of the article, that in the journey of self-discovery, your unveiling precede your revealing.

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Because if it does not unveil you, it cannot reveal you. And until it reveals you. No one will ever feel the impact of your existence.

Having said these, I have consciously highlighted 10 major things life has taught me on the journey to self-discovery.

This is my life experience, and I so much believe it will be of significant benefit to you as you read through.


Below are 10 major things life has taught me on the journey to self-discovery:

1. Never neglect your days of little beginning

Life taught me to be patient with myself, even though the beginning may be small, surely with consistency and perseverance things will surely get better.

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To every one of us that is yet to discover their true self, I encourage you to appreciate your little beginning. We cannot achieve perfection in a day, it is a gradual process.

2. Everybody cannot be interested in your progress

Life also made me understand that not everyone will appreciate your progress, no matter how convincing you may sound or look. Some will still find fault.

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Please note, am not saying you can not be criticized, but that must be done constructively.


3. I compete with no one, I can only strive to be better than whom I used to be

As I walked through the path of self-discovery, life taught me never to see anybody as a competitor, I am only in competition with myself because we are all created uniquely to solve a unique problem.

4. Live by choice, not by chance

On the path to self-discovery, there is no room for excuses, it is your life and no one will discover it for you, you must painstakingly discover who you are.

It needs to be noted that, in life, we live by choice and not by chance.

To discover who you are there is a need to choose wisely, what you choose today determines your position and stands in the nearest future.

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 5. Sometimes the majority can be sincerely wrong

There is a quote that says “I may not know the sure way to success but the best way to failure is pleasing everybody”.

I also learnt to consult my instinct on some things as it concerns my identity. It must be noted that it is not good to embark on a journey of self-discovery, following your mind alone without the consent of your brain.

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6. Value yourself

I learned to value myself, no matter how the situation may look, it may be rough, it could be worst, but the ability to stay true to yourself makes you a celebrated champion.

Therefore, to make this a reality you must embrace Determination, Self-worth, and positive self-esteem because all these are inevitable if one is to be successful and be able to discover his/her self.

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Never allow your circumstances to define what will become of you, you must define your circumstances.

7. Never underrate anyone 

Nobody should be underrated or be tagged incapable, no matter their current circumstances, such people could be your access to a greater opportunity.

Many whom you see today have no relevant and don’t be surprised that those whom you look down on today may end up becoming a significant influence in the palace of your great accomplishment.

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8. Have a mentor

On the path towards self-discovery, I learnt that mentor-ship is very important because the role of a mentor is to guide you, as well as bless you with their experience.

As you strive to discover who you truly are, have a mentor in your line of purpose.

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9. Be Hungary for Change and be result-oriented

I further learnt that change is constant and the individual’s capacity to adapt to the Changing circumstances will enhance the discovery and sustainability of your self.

More so, be result oriented. That is, always see the end from the beginning.

Do not stop until the task is done.

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10. Choose your friends wisely

Your circle of friends is very important to who you become.

On the way to self-discovery, I learnt that those whom we relate with have a way of making or belittling our efforts.

Therefore, surround yourself with people of a positive mindset, who will see the greatness in you and also encourage you to be who you are.

In conclusion, it need to be noted, only those who are courageous enough to do what others are afraid to do or running away from, one of which is self-discovery, are those who will eventually become successful and fulfill destiny.

To avoid an identity crisis, you must discover who you truly are.                    

To remain relevant in your world, you must discover yourself

To stand out among your peers, it is a must to discover who you truly are

Above all, you are created uniquely, never compare yourself to anyone because                        

the world is earnestly waiting for your great manifestations.

                                     SHINE ON!!



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